Diploma Module: Legal Aspects of Invoice Finance 2017

Location Online
Start Date 13/01/2018 End Date 30/05/2018


The Legal Aspects of Invoice Finance module is a sub-element of the ABFA Diploma course. This module equips students with the knowledge and understanding of invoice finance legal issues faced in day-to-day work, whether in new business, surveys, audits, client relations, recoveries or other operational areas.

The course includes:

  • Business Structures
  • Contract Law
  • Sale of Goods & Services
  • Financier's Ownership of Debts
  • Debt Purchase Agreements
  • Guarantees & Indemnities
  • Debentures as Additional Security
  • Statues Directly Affecting Invoice Financiers
  • Legal Problem Areas - Debtors & Third Parties
  • Protecting Funds in Use
  • International Factoring
  • Court Proceedings against Debtors & Guarantors
  • Insolvency

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