Diploma Module: Financial Understanding 2019

Location Online
Start Date 01/04/2019 End Date 30/11/2019
Prices £700 +VAT for Members, Associates and Non-Members


Course bookings are now open for Financial Understanding 2019 module and the course will start on 1 April 2019. This module from the Diploma course gives students an in-depth understanding of the various financial statements regardless of their layout, and the ability to highlight trends or issues when dealing with prospects or clients in the asset based finance industry

This module commences with an overview of book-keeping, followed by a detailed explanation of the main financial statements, cashflow forecasts, accounting standards, ratios and trends. The course aims to The module includes:

  • The underpinning principles of financial reporting
  • The primary financial statements
  • Accounting standards/international accounting standards
  • Ratio and trend analysis, especially relevant to asset based lenders

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