Foundation Course 2019

Location Online
Start Date 01/01/2019 End Date 31/12/2019
Prices £299 Members & Associates £399 Non-Members (+ VAT)


The Foundation course is the first level of the UK Finances IFABL distance learning programme and provides an overview of the invoice finance industry. It is designed give staff a general understanding of the workings of the industry and an awareness of Clients’ expectations and issues.

The course includes a brief history of the invoice finance industry, the products, the benefits to Clients and the methods that the industry uses to finance its Clients whilst protecting its investment.


This eLearning course is suitable for recent entrants to the Asset Based Finance industry and support staff who may wish to learn more about the industry in which they work.

There are no specific entry requirements, and the course can be taken anywhere that the student has access to the internet.


The course is comprised of five modules which students complete with the guidance of a coach, usually their Line Manager or another experienced Member of their organisation. The activities are designed to encourage the student to learn more about their own organisation as well as the industry in general.

The modules include:

  • Module One - The Development of Invoice Finance
  • Module Two - Why Companies use Invoice Finance
  • Module Three - Assessing the Prospective Client and the
  • Module Four - Managing the Client
  • Module Five - Asset Based Lending

Having completed and been assessed on each module of the course, the student undertakes a final electronic examination covering the first five modules. Papers will be graded ‘pass’, ‘credit’ or ‘distinction’ and successful students will receive a Foundation Certificate.

The modules are designed to be completed within a period of three months. Depending on your knowledge and experience it is estimated that each module will take between three and seven hours work to complete and it should be possible to finish each one, including the assessment, within four weeks.

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