The ABFA Standards Framework

The Standards Framework sets and enforces the standards that clients of ABFA Members can expect. These pages include information on the Framework, what it covers, how it works and how to make a complaint about an ABFA Member. The key components of the Framework are:

  • The ABFA Code
  • The Independent Complaints Process
  • The independent Professional Standards Council.

Tranferring between two ABFA Members?

To assist with the transfer of facilities between ABFA Members, we have the following information about the Inter Member Transfer Process and what clients should expect during the process. Click here for more information.

Complaints line contact information: Call +44(0)20 8334 0817 or email


The Standards Framework was established in 2013 to provide a clear statement of the standards that ABFA Members will meet and independent, accessible processes to enable any issues to be properly considered.

The ABFA Code

The ABFA Code and supporting Guidance set out the key commitments that ABFA Members will meet in their relationships with clients, prospective clients and guarantors.  A revised Code is in effect from 1 January 2016.

The Complaints Process and how to make a complaint

Ombudsman Services

The independent Complaints Process is provided independently by Ombudsman Services and is available to the majority of clients of ABFA Members allowing any concerns to be independently investigated and adjudicated upon. 

The Complaints Process is designed to be independent, accessible, focused and effective.

The Professional Standards Council

The Professional Standards Council is independent of the ABFA and is responsible for overseeing the ABFA Code and the independent Complaints Process to ensure they remain effective.