Complaints Process

Complaints line contact information +44(0)20 3934 1456 or email

In addition to meeting the commitments enshrined in the ABFA Code, all ABFA Members are subject to the independent Complaints Process. This is a system of dispute resolution managed by an independent specialist third-party organisation, Ombudsman Services.
The Complaints Process is designed to be:

  • Independent;
  • Accesible;
  • Focused; and
  • Effective

The Complaints Process is managed by an independent specialist organisation, Ombudsman Services.

Who is it for?

The Process is available to the majority of the industry’s clients and has been specifically designed to support smaller client businesses that will particularly welcome the reassurance provided by an independent system. It is currently accessible to ABFA Members’ clients with annual turnovers up to £6.5 million / €7.3 million. This covers over 80 per cent of the industry’s current client base.

Please note that the maximum award available through this process is £25,000. Further detail about the Complaints Process is available at the link below.   In addition to clients, the Complaints Process is also available to certain other parties and further information about eligibility is provided in the document below.

How does it work?

Accessing the Complaints Process is free to the Complainant, regardless of whether the complaint is ultimately upheld. The costs associated with dealing with a complaint will be paid by the Member involved.

Please note, complaints have to be formally raised with the ABFA Member concerned before they can be considered through the independent Complaints Process.

The Complaints Process complements rather than replaces Members’ own complaints systems. A Member will normally be best placed to address the issues raised in a complaint in the most efficient manner and a complaint will need to have been considered under a Member’s own complaints system before it can be taken through the independent Complaints Process.

Please also note that the Code and supporting Guidance documents were updated in January 2016. Members were required to adhere to the 2013 version of the Code and Guidance prior to 1st January 2016. In terms of the ABFA Complaints Process, complaints will be considered against the relevant Code and Guidance documents that were in place when the action(s) occurred.

A more detailed document is available to download below, together with a Map of how the Process works.

To contact the ABFA regarding a complaint please call us on: +44(0)20 3934 1456 or email

Publications relating to the code can be downloaded at the links below

Complaints Process
Complaints Process Map

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